About Us

CHIA – Collaborative-Hybrid-Instructional-Academics

Accredited With Quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission


CHIAcademics, Inc. (CHIA) shares building space with Our Redeemer Anglican Church. Our address is 2625 Canton Rd NE, Marietta, Cobb County 30066. We are conveniently located near I-75 and I-575. The folks at Our Redeemer have graciously agreed to provide classroom space to CHIA at a very reasonable cost.

Note: Our course material follows a traditional evidence-based model. In particular, our Science classes are not taught from a faith-based worldview. If you have additional questions about this issue email us direct at chia.brainstorm@gmail.com.


CHIA was created as an alternative educational format for students seeking a strong academic and supportive educational environment for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students from grades 3rd through 12th.

CHIA is a hybrid of professional teachers and curriculum in a classroom setting combined with independent home study. We seek to provide effective education in a very small classroom setting (6 or less) for students desiring education in the non-traditional, ‘hybrid’ education model. We believe in the whole well-being of the student and above everything, we strive to be sure that the student loves learning and views the learning experience as a lifelong process and not just a test to pass or a “hoop to jump through”.

CHIA instructors are comprised of professionals, many of us in the science, medical, and teaching fields, who have worked (and are working) in their profession. The majority of our instructors are not only experienced in their field of instruction but also have exhibited a love for mentoring youth and teens. We are a school that prides itself on being responsive to the concerns and needs of the parents and students.

CHIA provides field trips and outings to foster a social environment as well as giving the support for learning that these real-life travel experiences provide.

Parental Involvement

We are a school that hopes for and appreciates parental involvement. We take our role as a collaborative school quite seriously and we encourage the sharing of parental insight about a student’s strengths and needs. Our goal is to work as a trio: Teacher, Student, and Parent, to facilitate the educational growth of each student. We seek to encourage each student set educational goals at the beginning of each school year guided by our advice for long-term educational requirements, and then work throughout the year to achieve those goals.


Our academic year is divided into two semesters; Fall and Spring. The school year begins around Labor Day and ends by Memorial Day. Students meet at our facility 3 or 4 days a week. This model of hybrid education will provide classroom settings similar to those provided by community colleges. Students will meet for approximately 1.5 hours of face-to-face instruction per week with a qualified instructor for each class subject. The remainder of the education for each class is expected to be accomplished at home and/or with additional online supplemental instruction.

From time to time we offer a Summer semester from May through August for students who want to get ahead or catch up with their grade level. Math, Science, History, and Language Arts are available. Weekly schedule would be determined based on interest.

Weekly Schedule

For the Elementary Schooler: We offer a variety of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and fun Elective courses.

For the Middle Schooler: We provide 1.5 hours per week of academic facetime instruction per subject in the following areas: Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. We supplement these classes with a selection of electives including Foreign Language, Technology, and Fine Arts.

For the High Schooler: We provide all the core academic and elective classes required by the Georgia Department of Education in order to graduate from High School. Again we provide 1.5 hours per week of academic facetime instruction per subject. Students will need a total of 23 credits (a credit hour of health exercise was recently added) obtained in High School in order to graduate. We also assist in preparing transcripts for students moving onto college.

We are open 4 days a week, though most students will not be attending classes at our school for more than 2 to 3 days. We may also meet Fridays as an alternative day for some classes.